Experts close to perfect in determining truth in interrogations using active question methods

Thu, 2014/08/21 - 5:42pm -- gmckay

Non-experts have high rates of success of lie detection when viewing experts work

From the International Communication Association media release:

Determining deception is a tool of the trade for law enforcement.

The Good Cop/Bad Cop routine is etched in our minds as an effective method of finding out the truth. But prior research has shown that lie detecting is a 50/50 shot for experts and non-experts alike. So what exactly can we do to find out the truth?

Opioid overdose prevention programs may reduce deaths, reports Journal of Addiction Medicine

Wed, 2014/06/04 - 10:49am -- gmckay
More research needed to establish the effectiveness of training and naloxone distribution; community opioid overdose prevention programs (OOPPs)—including the use of naloxone for rapid drug reversal—can improve bystander responses to overdose of heroin and related drugs.


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